Simple but Important GK questions: All about Vitamins


Some basic General knowledge about Vitamins and Vitamin deficiency diseases is frequently asked in previous PSC and UPSC Exams. Here we list the most important vitamin-related GK questions

Vitamins and Chemical Names

Vitamin A =>> Retinol

Vitamin B1 =>> Thiamine

Vitamin B3 =>> Niacin

Vitamin B5 =>> Pantothenic acid

Vitamin C =>> Ascorbic acid

Vitamin D =>> Calciferol

Vitamin E =>> Tocoferol

Vitamin K  =>>  Phylloquinone

Vitamin B2 =>> Riboflavin

Vitamin B7 =>> Biotin

Vitamin B9  =>>  Folic acid 

Vitamin B12  =>>  Cyanocobalamin

Frequently asked gk questions about Vitamins

1. The study of Vitamin is known as?
Answer: Vitaminology

2. Which Vitamin is known as an anti-infective vitamin?
Answer: Vitamin A

3. What is the source of Vitamin A in Leafy vegetables?
Answer: Carotene

4. Which pigment gives the yellow color to Milk?

Answer: Carotene

5. Which is Vitamin giving yellow color to Milk?
Answer: Vitamin B2 

 6. Unpolished rice is a rich source of which vitamin?
Answer: Thiamine (Vitamin B1)

7. Which Vitamin is used for ELISA test (AIDS)?
 Answer: Vitamin B7 (Biotin)

8. Which Vitamin contains Cobalt?
Answer: Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin)

9. Which Vitamin helps to heal wounds?
Answer: Vitamin C

10. Which Vitamin helps in blood clotting?
Answer: Vitamin K

11. Which Vitamin helps the immunity of body?
Answer: Vitamin C

 12. Which is the first artificially synthesized Vitamin?
Answer: Vitamin C

13 . Which Vitamin helps in the absorption of Calcium? 
Answer: Vitamin D

14. Important natural source of vitamin D? 
Answer: Sun Light

15. the metal present in vitamin b12? 
Answer: cobalt

Vitamin deficiency diseases

1. Anaemia is caused by a Deficiency of?
Answer: Vitamin B12

2. Scurvy is caused by a Deficiency of?
Answer: Vitamin C 

3. Rickets is caused by a Deficiency of?

Answer: Vitamin D

4. lack of blood clotting is caused by which vitamin?


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