‘My Partner’s Struggling With Her Mental Health And Keeps Pushing Me Away’


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When you’re trying to support someone you love who’s in a rocky place mentally, it can be unimaginably hard – especially if they start to become distant.

This is the case for this week’s reader, Paul. “My partner of almost 20 years has said she’s not sure if she wants to be with me anymore,” he writes. “She’s going through a very tough time mentally, which is a big contributing factor – and as part of that turmoil she said she’s unsure if she wants to stay together.

“We live together and are both in our early 40s. As someone who’s also struggled with poor mental health for a prolonged period in the past, I know how it can impact your entire world and every aspect of life including relationships. I want to support her and help her overcome her challenges, but it’s breaking my heart having no intimacy and little communication.”

Counselling Directory members Georgina Smith and James Eve help Paul with his dilemma.


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