Labour Holds West Lancashire In By-Election


Labour have comfortably won the West Lancashire by-election in the latest setback for Rishi Sunak.

Ashley Dalton held the seat for the party with a majority of over 8,300 over Conservative candidate Mike Prendergast.

Freezing conditions on polling day and the expectation of an easy Labour win contributed to turnout of less than 32%.

While Labour’s majority has not changed as Rosie Cooper, who represented the constituency for 17 years, stepped down, the party’s share of the vote has increased by more than 10% – almost identical to the Tory decline.

Ashley Dalton (Labour) 14,068 (62.30%, +10.16%)

Mike Prendergast (Conservative) 5,742 (25.43%, -10.88%)

Jonathan Kay (Reform UK) 997 (4.42%)

Jo Barton (Liberal Democrat) 918 (4.07%, -0.80%)

Peter Cranie (Green) 646 (2.86%, +0.49%)

Howling Laud Hope (Official Monster Raving Loony Party) 210 (0.93%)

Labour majority 8,326 (36.87%)

It is the latest by-election test for Sunak since entering Downing Street last October and comes amid a cost-of-living crisis, soaring inflation and a wave of industrial action across the UK.

The party leader is also facing MPs abandoning ship, with Nadine Dorries becoming the 19th sitting Tory member to declare they will not stand at the next election.

Despite Sunak promising to draw a line under the chaos of the Johnson and Truss administrations, he has failed to appreciably improve the party’s poll rating, with Labour leading by at least 20-points in most surveys.

In her victory speech at Burscough Racquet and Fitness Centre, Labour’s Dalton said: “Tonight the people of West Lancashire constituency have spoke on behalf of the country.

“They have sent a message to this Conservative government. They do not have confidence in them to govern or the Prime Minister to lead.

“Prime minister, your government has no ideas or a plan to address the big issues facing our country, like record levels of child poverty and people dying waiting for ambulances.”

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