How To Keep Your Job Without Becoming An Anxious Wreck


If you’re feeling demotivated and need a boost at work, you could try adopting the new trend of “quiet thriving”.

No, it’s not like “quiet quitting”, where you avoid going above and beyond for your role – nor is it like “let it rot”, where people do the absolute minimum. But it’s not about slogging your guts out either.

Instead, this new wellbeing-focused trend encourages people to “take specific actions and make mental shifts that help you to feel more engaged on the job,” according to Lesley Alderman, a psychotherapist who coined the term in a piece for The Washington Post.

And it seems like this is exactly what we need right now. According to the State of the Global Workplace report published in September last year, only 21% are engaged at work, and just 33% of employees are thriving in their overall wellbeing.

So, how do you actually embody this trend?


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