Emma Roberts Scolds Mom For Sharing Photo Of Her 2-Year-Old Son


The “American Horror Story” actor had previously kept the face of her 2-year-old from public view until she was essentially forced to reveal it Thursday after her mother, Kelly Cunningham, plastered it on her own page last week. Roberts, 32, was peeved.

“When your mom posts your sons face without asking but you love them both so whatever,” the actor wrote in an Instagram story showing her son, Rhodes, standing among some fallen leaves.

Cunningham had permanently posted that same image to her profile on Feb. 3 with the caption: “Little man is growing up!” She ultimately decided to make another dig at Roberts by posting a screenshot of the actor’s story to her own account as well.

This playful back-and-forth isn’t the first time Cunningham stole her daughter’s thunder. In 2020, she revealed that Roberts was pregnant before the actor could deliver that news to the world herself.

Roberts blocked her mom on Instagram before regaling Jimmy Kimmel with the tale.

“Mothers and Instagram, it’s a bad combination,” she told the late night host. “You have to understand about my mom, she doesn’t own a computer. She owned a flip phone up until three years ago. … So, for Mother’s Day I got her an iPhone … and it was the worst thing I ever did.”

“Thank you 2020 for getting one thing right,” she said after his birth. “Our bright light Rhodes Robert Hedlund.”


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