Coast Guard Affirms Missing Sub Search Continues as Search and Rescue Operation

During a press briefing in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. Coast Guard Capt. Jamie Frederick emphasized on Wednesday that the ongoing search for the missing Titan submarine remains classified as a “search and rescue mission.” Frederick affirmed the Coast Guard’s commitment to deploying all available assets in their relentless efforts to locate the Titan submarine and its crew members.

While the exact condition and whereabouts of the submarine remain unknown, Frederick acknowledged the various possibilities, including whether it is operable, resting on the ocean floor, submerged in the sea column, or floating on the surface. However, he emphasized that speculation is not the focus of their mission. Instead, the Coast Guard’s primary objective is to conduct a comprehensive search based on available data and information.

Frederick also expressed that the Coast Guard does not have a specific timeframe for when the search effort might be suspended. He emphasized that search and rescue operations are a regular part of the Coast Guard’s daily operations, and sometimes they do not locate the object of their search. The decision-making process involves careful consideration of multiple factors, which can be complex and require tough decisions. Frederick highlighted the importance of assessing all relevant factors before reaching a conclusion.

The captain emphasized that any decisions regarding the search effort and potential suspension would be discussed with the family of the missing crew members long before being publicly addressed. The Coast Guard remains committed to the ongoing search and rescue mission, dedicating their resources and expertise to locate the Titan submarine and its crew members.