The Elevator Pitch and KM – What’s the Connection?

[ad_1] In every Communication there is a Storyline and often as Knowledge Managers we are at the center of it giving updates to leadership, interacting with project delivery teams and mostly Employee Engagement. Did you know that employee engagement directly correlates with a company’s financial health? Studies show that a majority of employees don’t feel engaged … Read more

Simple but Important GK questions: All about Vitamins

[ad_1] Some basic General knowledge about Vitamins and Vitamin deficiency diseases is frequently asked in previous PSC and UPSC Exams. Here we list the most important vitamin-related GK questions Vitamins and Chemical Names Vitamin A =>> Retinol Vitamin B1 =>> Thiamine Vitamin B3 =>> Niacin Vitamin B5 =>> Pantothenic acid Vitamin C =>> Ascorbic acid Vitamin … Read more

5 Modern Skills for Knowledge Managers [2023 Edition]

[ad_1] 1. Change management No matter what knowledge management system you have…you must implement new technology and processes occasionally. This involves changing systems and processes. As a knowledge manager, get familiar with change management—the process of planning, implementing, and monitoring changes to a business or organizational system. Prior to any new KM evaluation, it’s a … Read more